Why Can’t I Listen the Voice of “Sacred”?

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Let's stop fighting with ourselves — and accept ourselves as we are.

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Samurai Ideal

What Can Zen and other Buddhist Ideas Tell Us About Protecting Mother Earth?

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“How can we deal with our environment in a better way”?

Mindfulness through the lenses of the Buddhist Doctrine of Momentariness.

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  • What kinds of objects are we mindful about?
  • How long are we mindful to each object?
  • What will possibly happen when we are mindful?

The pragmatic function of the “Way of Tea” as a Zen ritualistic activity

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“Why do we drink Tea?”

Tea and Zen

Cultivating our meditation muscles

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Overcoming the Habitual Cognitive Scheme

Habituating the Dishabituation of the Habitual Cognitive Scheme

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Introducing Theodical Arguments in Asia — The Case of Buddhist Ideology.

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Why Suffering?

Why Suffering? — Karma

We Shouldn’t Pursue Happiness Because it is NOT something we can catch.

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The Only Way to Be Happy

Introducing Theodical Arguments in Asia — The Case of Shinto Religious Ideology in Japan.

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My Experience of the Triple Disaster in Japan

Eiji Suhara PhD

College Teacher, Philosopher, Religious Studies Scholar, Martial Artists, and Drummer. “Practicing” various types of meditation for long years.

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